German Deaf Athletics Championships
08. June 2016

Opening ceremony

under the German Deaf Sports Day

on 27.05./28.05.2016 in Essen

As part of the 24th German Deaf Sports Festival, which the club GTSV Essen hosted and opened with a grand opening ceremony by the President of DGS Winfried Wiencek also Fachwart Steffen Rosewig was the Athletics competitions the next day with 88 individual competitions from Bambini-range ( ages U6) to the Seniors Open with a welcome. 173 sportsmen / women from 19 different clubs took the motto: "Faster, higher, stronger" part. The largest participating club was the GSV Munich with 54 athletes / inside.

Young public

For the first. Times the Bambini competitions were, that the four- to five-year-old young athletes / inside, aligned. They had to cope with up to three disciplines (30m, long jump and 400m). The days best in this area were Sara Pufhan (2011) by the Food and GTSV Lizardo Graef (2011) by the Cologne GSV.

Even more young deaf athletes / inside from the junior level pursue a dream, because from 24 to 27/08/2016, see the European Junior Championships of the Deaf (EJM) Class U18 / U20 / U23 in domestic Karlsruhe.

DGS-President Winfried Wiencek

Already 5 junior athletes / inside were able to qualify for different listening athletics competitions for EJM in August. Erik Heydrich (1999) cracked the ball and discus, and Luisa Weigel (2000) in the long jump and 100m the norm. Both belong to the Frankenthal GSC. Michael Rumancev (1994 / GSBV Hall) ran 2x 200m below the required standard of 23.50 seconds and his team-mate René-Pierre Nadler (1998) jumped 1.83 meters in the high jump (1.80m demanded are). Nadine Brutscher (1994 GSV Munich) met in long and high jump standards.

Young athletics by german championship

When sports festival in Essen cracked yet Delia Gaede (1999 GSV Herford) in 100m run and high jump and Sheila Schlechter (1999), also in the long jump Herford the norm. The 16 year old Alessia Melchiorre, Member at DJK Rheinkraft Neuss is fulfilled in the 100m, wide and high, as well as Jonas Marok (1999) in 100m run and Janos Giuranna (2000) in the ball, both from HGSV Potsdam and Kevin Schley (2000) the ball from the GSC Frankenthal her "performance target" for EJM. is for the 11 young athletes / inside a good chance to participate in the Junior European Championships