Martin Lenz, Mayor of Karlsruhe

Who is European champion of Deaf Sports Youth? - This exciting question will be answered from 25 to 27 August, the 3rd Junior European Athletics Championships, when the athletic young talents from fourteen nations Europe arrive in Carl Kaufmann Stadium in Karlsruhe to different in the Disciplines to determine their best.

The Beiertheimer stadium in honor of the Karlsruhe Olympic medal winner in the 400m Carl Kaufmann bears his name since last year, as a sports venue provides the ideal environment for hosting this European Championship.

As patron and Sport Mayor I welcome all participants and guests very welcome. I am delighted that this year Karlsruhe is the venue for this very special sporting event in Europe takes place every two years and deaf young people provides a forum for meetings and sports competitions.

It is a major challenge for the German Deaf Sports Youth, align these European Championships. I thank all participants for their commitment and wish the event a smooth course. The athletes I wish fair and successful competition and a pleasant stay in our beautiful city of Karlsruhe.

Winfried Wiencek, President of German Deaf Sport Organization

Dear sports friends,

2016 is the year of the 3rd European Deaf Youth Athletics Championships. Germany assumed the task to offer an appropriate platform for young talented athletes, to compete against each other and determine the best amongst them.

Young athletes from fourteen countries, which are organized under the roof of the European Deaf Sports Organization, accept this challenge.

The venue of this trial of strength of times, heights and widths is the Beiertheimer Stadium, a versatile sports complex, located right next to the well-known Europahalle in Karlsruhe. Seventy-three competitors, thirteen disciplines, two age classes and three days – it is going to be exciting!

The German Deaf Sports Youth – short: dgsj – plays a leading role in the preparation and realization of this event supported by the long-term experienced voluntary staff of the DGS athletics department. Together they will provide professional and sporty surroundings for our young guests.

As President of the DGS, I am proud to be part of another youth sports event here in Germany and I am convinced that the organization team on site will represent our association, its work and commitment in best manner. And I am sure that our young German athletes will do their very best to represent our association as it should be.

I wish everyone – competitors, organizers and volunteers – fair competitions and the greatest possible success; and for our visitors I hope for an exciting event accompanied by sunny weather.

Daniel Haffke, 1. Chairman of German Deaf Sport Youth

We are the host country of the European Youth Athletics Championships in summer 2016 and pleased to be given the opportunity to perform the international championships of the youth in Germany for the first time ever. This event is not just the competition for the athletics-crown, or a potential springboard to the Deaflympics in Samsun in 2017. It also opens up the opportunity for our upcoming A-,B- and N-cadre athletes to compete on an international top level.

Professional, high technical standards and qualitatively convincing.

This shall display a guideline through the tournament. I hope you enjoy rummage and reading and I am looking forward to exciting and successful European Youth Athletics Championships.

Best regards
Daniel Haffke

Hagen Müller, General Manager Radisson Blu Hotel Karlsruhe

Dear participants of the 3rd Deaf Youth Athletics European Championship 2016,

It is a pleasure and an honor for me and for the team of the Radisson Blu Hotel Karlsruhe to having been chosen as official hotel partner of the Euro 2016.

Why am I in the position of writing those words to you today? Well, I have met Daniel Haffke for the first time a couple of years ago and we were seeking together suitable sports locations for this event; firstly unfortunately without success. Daniel and I have stayed in contact and so, in the beginning of 2015, I received an email from Turkey with the following message: "Hagen, we are going to do the European Championship 2016 in Karlsruhe."

Hotel room view 1
Hotel room view 2

Since then, several meetings took place here in Karlsruhe and we have had the pleasure to elaborate and finalize all “hotel details”, aiming to offer you the best conditions to let you fully concentrate on and achieve your sportive goals.

All guest rooms have been refurbished and are in top condition, a brand new, modern and inspiring breakfast concept has been put in place, and we are planning, to fully adapt our gastronomic offer to meet your expectations and needs. Also regarding the prices, we have found a very competitive solution and are now happy and looking forward to experiencing a couple of very nice days and an unforgettable event together with you.

Kind regards
Hagen Müller, General Manager

MED-EL greeting Athletics Junior Championship in Karlsruhe

For the first time the German Deaf Sports Youth directed Deaf Sports Association (DGS) from the Junior Athletics Championships in Germany. MED-EL supports DGSJ

Sport youth since the beginning. It is wonderful to see that sport in the tip region is also possible with hearing impairment. This year, the young athletes coming from 14 countries to provide their sporting skills. MED-EL hearing implant solutions as manufacturers congratulates now every single participant and each participant, because each and every one of them shows that can be obstacles to overcome despite hearing impairment. "Faster, higher, stronger" is for you not only a dream - they live it too.

We wish the organizers of the German Deaf Sports Youth in aligning these European Championships good luck and especially the young athletes a lot of joy at being there!

Gernot Rupprecht
Senior Regional Manager, MED-EL Germany

Dr. Susanne Eisenmann, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Baden-Württemberg

As sports Minister of Baden-Württemberg I welcome the participants of the Junior European Athletics Deaf in Südwes th welcome. I am very pleased that this international sport competition taking place in Karlsruhe. Baden-Württemberg is one of the strongholds of power sports in Germany is the ideal place for a major international athletics tournament top young sports talents.

In the days of the tournament is about winning and losing, medals and rankings, re cords and excellence. Athletes with disabilities to train as hard for success as those without physical limitations and are as ambitious in competition. That's right, because no one athlete and no athlete will be given something in Karlsruhe. Competitive sport with a handicap is not a second-class sport, but competitive sports class. Inside the stadium, the spectators will experience what makes competitive sports in athletics: exciting competitions for the fastest time, the longest throw and the highest height.

Badener are known as good hosts and the German Deaf Sports Youth will ensure to host the European Championship that all participants feel comfortable. My thanks go to all voluntary and full forces nierverlauf create with dedication and passion, the conditions for a smooth turbine. I wish the young athletes every success and a good time in Karlsruhe.

Best regards